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Sunago Supply Corporation

Mission, Values, Goals, Vision


Offer our clients the most competitive pricing and on time delivery of commercial building products through our relationships with manufacturers.


Faith, Excellence, Integrity and Responsibility


Knowing and believing in God Almighty that all things are possible through Him.


Commit to exceed our customers' expectations in delivering great pricing of our products.


Always doing what is right; being truthful and honest with our clients, customers and our company.


Being responsible to our earth; pairing our projects with products from the closest manufacturers. To the greatest extent possible provide products manufactured in the United States of America.



Partner with manufacturers to offer our clients competitive pricing so they can win bids, contracts and exceed their goals.

Build relationships with government agencies, commercial contractors and companies seeking a diverse partner.
Use technological advances to shorten our startup time and increase our revenues.


Continue to grow our business relationships to sustain long-term growth and profitability.


To become the preferred commercial building materials supplier in the United States.

Connecting you to hundreds of manufacturers

& thousands of products.

Sunago Capability Statement


Sunago has and is continuing to develop relationships with manufacturers of commercial building products in dozens of divisions.


Divisions 03-48, Find all the information you need here.

Sunago Commerical Building Supplies: NAICS


Learn more about what each of the product codes mean. For example, did you know that 423210 is for Furniture Merchant Wholesaler?


Find out more about these codes and their meanings here.