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423210 Furniture Merchant Wholesaler
423310 Lumber, Plywood, Millwork & Wood Panel Merchant Wholesaler
423320 Brick, Stone, & Related Construction Materials Merchant Wholesaler
423330 Roofing, Siding, & Insulation Materials Merchant Wholesaler
423390 Other Construction Materials Merchant Wholesaler
423420 Office Equipment Merchant Wholesaler
423440 Other Commercial Equipment Merchant Wholesaler
423510 Metal Service & Other Metal  Merchant Wholesaler
423610 Electrical Apparatus & Equipment, Wiring Supplies, & Related Equipment Merchant Wholesaler
423690 Other Electronic Parts & Equipment Merchant Wholesaler
423710 Hardware Merchant Wholesaler
423720 Plumbing & Heating & Supplies (Hydronics) Merchant Wholesaler
423730 Warm Air Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment & Supplies Merchant Wholesaler
423740 Refrigeration Equipment & Supplies Merchant Wholesaler
423990 Other Miscellaneous Durable Goods Merchant Wholesaler
424610 Plastics Materials &Basic Forms & Shapes Merchant Wholesaler
425120 Wholesale Trade Agent & Broker
444190 Other Building Materials Dealer
454390 Other Direct Selling Establishment


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Sunago Capability Statement


Sunago has and is continuing to develop relationships with manufacturers of commercial building products in dozens of divisions.


Divisions 03-48, Find all the information you need here.

Sunago Commerical Building Supplies: NAICS


Learn more about what each of the product codes mean. For example, did you know that 423210 is for Furniture Merchant Wholesaler?


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